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Saveur has done it again! 
I wanted to share this article on tips on how to stock the fridge. 
(( I've always try to keep things somewhat organized and visible in the fridge or else I totally forget about them, they get left behind in the back or in a bottom drawer, and since my fridge has solid drawers I'll forget what's in it - I think having clear drawers really helps a lot!!! )) So what I do is, chop the veggies that I get and put them in clear Pyrex containers. That way they're visible and ready to be eaten! 

Temperature and humidity levels inside a fridge can vary; while each individual fridge is unique, there are some general guidelines you can follow when stocking it to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency and all your ingredients stay fresh for as long as possible.

1 The top shelves of the fridge tend to be the warmest; store things that won't perish as quickly here, like beverages and fruit.

2 The lower shelves, which are colder, are ideal for storing leftovers, dairy, and other foods that can spoil quickly.

3 High humidity levels in the crisper drawers maintain the right levels of moisture to keep leafy greens and vegetables fresh and crisp. This is also the best place to store cheese (wrapped in cheese paper or parchment paper followed by plastic wrap).

4 The bottom drawer of the fridge is perfect for meats and seafood—it's coldest here, and there's no risk of drips contaminating fresh foods below.

5 Store butter in a closed compartment, since it readily absorbs other odors.

6 Herbs stay fresh when they’re stored like flowers; place them in jars with a couple inches of water and cover them with an upturned plastic bag. Place them in the door, where it's slightly warmer and they won't be as easily knocked over.

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