. lusting .

I love ZARA, and I love shoes, which is bad, very bad... im trying to save money and seeing the new May shoe collection for Zara is making me weak.

 I can't wait to go and see if they haven't sold out. I'm kind of hoping they are sold out so I can't buy them.hehe.


. marfa,tx .

 I love to travel, but since I can't do it as often as I would love to I decided to travel at least once  a year aka my bday. I started this in 2009 by going to Paris, then in 2010 to New York and this year to Marfa,TX.
My pictures don't do justice! You simply have to experience this place for yourself.

I've always wanted a picture in the middle of a road ^_^

Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour

Art Installation, read more about it HERE

GREAT FOOD. art galleries//installations ( a couple of Andy Warhol's are here ). cute shops. very cool dressed people. everything is walking distance.(( pack boots even if is summer, its very dusty ))  Definitively not your average desert city in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing else like it, very peculiar atmosphere. 

" The whole town is definitely Peter Bogdonovich meets David Lynch."
— JG

. a fresh start .

Hello and welcome to the Chicas Vintage blog!
My name is Erika and I'm very excited to start this blog and share with you many things :)
Chicas Vintage is my online vintage shop on etsy specialized on selling vintage shoes since 2008 ((first on ebay, then on etsy since 2010))

Hope you enjoy it ♥